The October Book Review

I’m often asked what kinds of books I like. So here’s my two-minute book review.

Regarding genres, I’m not bound to one type. I actually have favorite books in pretty much every fiction and non-fiction category. The thing that draws me in the most is good writing and emotional connections. I love character-driven stories. I’m also a sucker for non-fiction with prose that flows.

Some recent books I’ve enjoyed are (and I’m not getting paid to list these):

MG Fantasy:

Fires of Invention by J. Scott Savage.

Our family recently listened to the audiobook performed by Kirby Heybourn and all six of us from age five to forty-something were entertained. We can’t wait to listen to the next book. And p.s. I took a class from the author earlier this year and he’s such an inspiration for other writers. I want to read his new Alice in Wonderland series.

YA Fantasy Romance

Cinder by Marissa Meyers.

Okay, so I haven’t finished it yet because my oldest kept eyeing me while I read, and I finally gave in and handed it to her. She devoured it, then the next kid did, and then they read it several more times. It is now in my possession again so hopefully, I’ll get a chance this week to finish it off. I love the vocabulary she used. That might sound weird, but I loved Meyers’s word choices.


Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

This non-fiction book has some amazing principles, and one of the first meditations it encourages you to do is called The Chocolate Meditation. Yeah, I can get behind that. My brother recommended this book to me and I have to admit, it’s been fairly life-changing. I’ve done meditations before but always felt like I was doing them wrong. Now I know better. Meditating isn’t about clearing your head. It’s about being present in each moment and seeing thoughts as they truly are, passing comments. I can disregard them if I want.


Wishtree by Katherine Applegate.

Move over To Kill a Mockingbird (my previous favorite). Katherine Applegate did something to me with Wishtree. It’s been so long since a book moved me and touched my heart like this one. My ten-year-old immediately ordered a copy for my birthday because she knew I needed a physical copy to keep forever. I’m a minimalist so that says something.

I made the mistake of reading Wishtree out loud to my kids. I bawled through parts and kept stopping to re-read poignant phrases. This book reminds me of why I write. Words have power. They can do so much good.

I love it when people tell me months down the road that they are still thinking about my stories that they’ve beta read. One story I titled Broken Maybe (it’s taking a little nap on the shelf before I revive it) helped a friend through a similar medical experience as one of the characters in my book. It’s crazy what words can do, even when they’re based on fiction. Especially when they’re based on fiction.

So there’s my October Book Review. What books have you liked lately?

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6 Replies to “The October Book Review”

  1. Have you read the rest of the Lunar Chronicles series? I feel Cinder is the weakest of them all. They just keep getting better.

    I didn’t connect with Wishtree as strongly as you did. Have you read her The One and Only Ivan? It’s absolutely beautiful as well.

    1. I haven’t read the rest of the Lunar Chronicles series yet, but I plan on it. My girls loved the next two books the most so I’m sure I’ll be getting to them soon. And I’ll add The One and Only Ivan to my list. Wishtree spoke to me. I connected so much with the tree, which is maybe odd. I often want to gently persuade people in the right directions too.

  2. I recently re-read Holly Kelly’s Trilogy set about mermaids/mythology. The first time I read them, they were interesting, but the 2nd time I really came to appreciate her exploration of the different parthenon’s in mythology and her combination of them to tell this story.
    Between your books, & hers, & Tifani Clark’s… I am so humbled that you all are courageous enough to share the stories in your head that teach, lift, inspire, & entertain the rest of us! THANK YOU!
    (p.s. I still think about the 1st book you had me beta read & then set aside until another time. I can’t wait until his story needs told ??)

    1. I enjoyed those books too. And you’re right–his story does need to be told. It will. I’ve identified what was missing and now I’m just thinking it all through before I rewrite.

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